The Advantages of Information Technology in Business

Information technology has always been an essential tool of commerce, but it has become increasingly important since the development of the personal computer and the Internet. Consumers and clients demand efficient service and rapid communication, and even the smallest of small businesses cannot do without effective information technology. The tools, especially Internet-based technology, do not come without risks, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

  1. Information Technology as Accelerator

    • The most significant advantage of employing information technology is speed. A good IT base can make virtually every part of a business go faster. Business writer Jim Collins, author of the book "Built To Last," calls this the "technology accelerator" effect, using IT to improve everything from inventory control to shipping to customer service.

    IT for Communication

    • Years ago, when forms were filled out in triplicate with carbon copies, consumers were accustomed to waiting weeks for responses from businesses. With the development of email, texting, and the wide variety of social media technologies, consumers demand an almost immediate response--and IT services can provide that immediate communication effectively and inexpensively.

    IT for Management

    • Information technology also presents great advantages for managers who need to track important trends in business. Budgets, employee records, customer service, inventory control and so many other aspects of a given business can be analyzed swiftly and comprehensively with IT tools, allowing managers to make better planning decisions.

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