Tree Themed Bulletin Board Ideas

Tree-themed bulletin boards fit any season and grade level. From an educational, science-based approach to a more decorative tree display, there are several options for the bulletin board. Getting the kids involved in decorating the bulletin board makes it a custom display for the classroom.

  1. Seasonal Tree

    • A seasonal tree allows you to keep the same basic bulletin board design year-round. By using the same tree base, you get a different design each season without a lot of work. The leaves and surrounding details are the only thing that change each season. For fall, cut out fall-colored leaves and attach them to the branches of the tree. Make additional leaves to place along the bottom of the bulletin board to look as if they are piled up on the ground. Add each child's name to a leaf for a custom look. Take down the leaves for the winter months. Add snowflakes and a white background along the bottom to represent piles of snow. For spring, add buds on the tree and green paper along the bottom for a grassy base. Connect the changing tree to lessons. Take a walk around the school grounds or neighborhood to look at the local trees to see how they compare to the seasonal tree on the bulletin board. Take some photos of the local trees and place them on the bulletin board in addition to the paper tree.

    Forest Habitat

    • For an educational component, create a tree bulletin board based around forest habitats. Cut large trees from paper as the background for the display. Add in animals that live in different areas of the forest. Add in other living items that might be found in a forest habitat. Include captions by each picture to provide additional information. This bulletin board idea works well while studying habitats in science class.

    Handprint Trees

    • This bulletin board design idea lets the kids create the leaves. Their handprints become the leaves on the tree. The kids trace their hands on construction paper and cut them out. They can also add their names to the leaves for a personal touch. Choose the color based on the season. For example, in the spring or summer use green paper. In the fall, red, orange, yellow and brown paper are ideal for the handprint leaves. The leaves are attached to the branches of a tree cutout to complete the tree.

    Tree Parts

    • Another scientific approach to the tree bulletin board design is to draw and label all of the tree parts. Include the roots, trunk, bark, leaves and branches on the display. Make the tree images large enough to take up the majority of the bulletin board. Add labels for each part of the tree. Include other facts about trees such as the function for each part. The amount of detail included in the display depends on the age of the kids and the type of tree information you're studying.

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