Top Ten Nurse Practitioner Training Programs

An increasingly popular career choice is working as a nurse practitioner. The position is in heavy demand, and nurse practitioners are able to find jobs anywhere they wish. "U.S. News & World Report" frequently ranks the top 10 colleges and universities for various fields of study, and in 2007 it ranked the best schools for adult nurse practitioners.

  1. University of Pennsylvania

    • The University of Pennsylvania offers graduate students a program that "U.S. News & World Report" has ranked as the top in the nation for more than 20 years. The program gets high marks for focusing heavily on individual mentoring and placing students in the specialty positions that suit them the best.

      University of Pennsylvania
      School of Nursing
      420 Guardian Drive
      Philadelphia, PA 19104-6096

    University of California, San Francisco

    • UCSF's program is known for its strong focus on public service. The program places graduates in urban and rural public clinics and also promotes diversity in the nurse practitioner profession.

      University of California, San Francisco
      School of Nursing
      2 Koret Way, N-319X
      San Francisco, CA 94143-0602

    Columbia University

    • Columbia's School of Nursing is part of Columbia's academic medical center, one of only 18 academic medical centers in the U.S. Academic medical centers combine education, research and health care training in one facility.

      Columbia University
      School of Nursing
      630 W. 168th St.
      Mailbox 6
      New York, NY 10032

    University of Washington

    • The University of Washington has developed the top-ranked nurse practitioner program in the Pacific Northwest. The program emphasizes research and actual health care, as well as top-rated instruction. In addition to its main campus in Seattle, UW has campuses in Bothell and Tacoma.

      University of Washington
      School of Nursing
      P.O. Box 357260
      Seattle, WA 98195

    Yale University

    • The Yale School of Nursing (YSN) was founded in 1923. It is ranked in the top 10 schools for nurse practitioners in both adult and pediatric medicine.

      Yale University
      School of Nursing
      P.O. Box 9740
      New Haven, CT 06536-0740

    University of Maryland, Baltimore

    • The University of Maryland's School of Nursing in Baltimore is home to several hospitals and medical facilities, including the Baltimore Veteran's Administration Medical Center and the University of Maryland Medical Center. The school is known as one of the leading research schools in the country.

      University of Maryland, Baltimore
      School of Nursing, Suite 516
      Baltimore, MD 21201-1579

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    • The University of Michigan's program is community-based and focuses on preparing adult nurse practitioners via three undergraduate programs. The school also offers more than 20 graduate programs leading to master's and doctorate degrees.

      University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
      School of Nursing
      400 N. Ingalls
      Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0482

    University of Colorado Denver

    • The University of Colorado, Denver claims on its website to be the "birthplace of the nurse practitioner movement" and the center of the "caring movement." The school has provided programs for adult and family nurse practitioners for 35 years and now offers online classes as well.

      University of Colorado Denver
      School of Nursing
      4200 E. Ninth Ave. Box C288
      Denver, CO 80262

    Rush University

    • Located in Chicago, Rush University offers a wide variety of degree and certificate programs at all levels. In addition to instruction, the school also conducts extensive nursing research.

      Rush University
      College of Nursing
      600 S. Paulina, Suite 1080
      Chicago, IL 60612-3873

    University of Pittsburgh

    • The University of Pittsburgh is known for mixing classroom instruction with applied practice. The program offers specialized nurse practitioner degrees focusing on adults, families, neonatal care, pediatrics and psychiatry.

      University of Pittsburgh
      School of Nursing
      Victoria Building
      Pittsburgh, PA 15261

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