Tips on Becoming Rich According to Feng Shui


Feng shui is a traditional Chinese philosophy used in design and decorating. Decorating with feng shui has three objectives: To correct existing issues, enhance areas of life such as wealth, career and relationships, and align your home and other areas so they help lay out a path for your future. The philosophy of feng shui offers many tips to become rich and bring prosperity to your life.

The Five Elements

  • Feng shui splits the world into five elements: Earth, wood, metal, fire and water. According to feng shui, these elements have individual qualities such as color, textures and symbols. It's the balance of these elements and their qualities that help achieve the harmonious atmosphere for which Feng shui strives. Feng shui places a strong emphasis on cleanliness, avoiding clutter and respecting your surroundings. If you want to enhance a certain aspect of your life, such as wealth, feng shui says to incorporate more of those elements into your décor to attract wealth and money.


  • According to, feng shui maps are called baguas. These maps are divided into nine sections, or guas, that correspond to nine areas of our lives. The nine areas are:

    1. Wealth and abundance
    2. Fame and reputation
    3. Love and marriage
    4. Family and friends
    5. Health
    6. Children and creativity
    7. Wisdom
    8. Career
    9. Travel and helpful people

    Guas are viewed when you are standing at the entry point and facing into any building, room, or other space. Wealth and abundance, the first gua, is located in the far left corner. You can also use a bagua map to section off areas of your desk, for example, to increase your feng shui experience.

    Redbook Magazine offers an easy-to-follow bagua map that can help your efforts to use feng shui to become rich. (Reference 2)

Colors, Symbols, and Décor

  • Green is a color of money and growth, and is synonymous with wealth in the feng shui world, as are red and purple. (Reference 3) Incorporate these colors into the far left corner of your room or house to increase the energy in the wealth area of your life. Gold is great accent color, as it also represents wealth. A healthy, thriving money tree plant is a great decorating option, because it symbolizes wealth and prosperity. You can also place coins in a dish to represent the money you'd like to earn. Finally, you may want to have a luxurious item or two in the wealth gua of your home or office because in the feng shui philosophy, luxury attracts luxury.

Feng Shui Your Wallet

  • Another feng shui tip on becoming rich is using the philosophy in your wallet. Feng shui emphasizes neatness, order, and respect, so be sure your wallet is uncluttered and that everything has a place. The best colors for a wallet are black, gold or yellow, brown, or green. And because money is attracted to money, try not to keep anything else in your billfold, like personal pictures or memos.

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