Shark Birthday Party Games


If sharks fascinate your elementary school-aged child, organize a birthday party with a whimsical shark theme. In addition to shark-inspired invitations, refreshments and decorations, set up individual and team games that suit the event’s theme. Award game winners with prizes such as stuffed animals or plastic sharks, shark activity books or notebooks and pencils printed with shark designs.

Feed the Sharks

  • The children can test their throwing skills by “feeding” a shark stuffed animal sitting in a cardboard box or laundry basket. Give each child five to 10 ping pong or tennis balls to serve as the “shark food.” Determine which player can toss the most pieces of food to the shark in 30 seconds. Make the game more challenging for older children by placing the shark in a smaller “tank” or by requiring the children to stand farther away from the basket.

Shark Fin Stomp

  • Ask the children to keep the sharks from attacking by stomping on the shark fins lurking in inflated balloons. Set up the kids’ shark game by gathering 30 to 50 uninflated blue or gray balloons. Cut 10 pieces of paper to resemble shark fins and place them inside 10 of the balloons before blowing them up. Place the inflated balloons on the lawn or a driveway and tell the children to stomp on the balloons to pop them. Ensure the area is large enough to spread the balloons out so the children won’t step on one another. Give prizes to the children who pop the balloons containing a shark fin.

Shark Attack

  • Let younger children play a shark-themed activity inspired by the game “Hot Potato.” Have the children stand in a circle and play a shark-related song such as the theme from the movie “Jaws” in the background. Give the first player a shark stuffed animal and tell him to “swim” around the circle with the shark before returning to his spot and handing it to the next player in line. Randomly stop the music and ask the player who is holding the shark when the music stops to leave the “ocean.” Repeat the process until one victorious swimmer remains.

Land Shark Relay

  • Divide the group into teams for an active game that allows the kids to imitate the aquatic creatures. Instruct the first player on each team to race across the yard or living room and back, pretending to swim like a shark, before tagging the next player on his team. Award prizes to the first team that gets all of its “sharks” across the finish line.

Word Games

  • Design shark party games that allow the children to wind down toward the end of the party. Print lists of shark trivia questions that test the guests’ knowledge of different types of sharks, their eating habits and physical characteristics. You can also design word scramble puzzles featuring shark-related words such as “ocean,” “diver,” “Hammerhead” or “Jaws.”

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