The Advantages of a Turbo Diesel


A turbo diesel engine is any internal combustion diesel engine to which a turbocharger has been added. According to, a turbocharger is defined as a forced-induction compressor that runs off the exhaust gas created by the engine to improve airflow and engine power. The added turbocharger greatly improves the performance of the diesel engine in a number of ways and, as a result, has become commonplace in diesel engine passenger cars and trucks. It has many advantages over both the traditional diesel and gasoline engine.

More Power

  • The turbocharger increases the air flow in the turbo diesel engine and as a result creates improved low-speed torque, according to Whether you drive a car or a truck, the turbo diesel engine has superior towing capacity to that of comparable gasoline engines or non-turbo diesel engines because of this improved power.

Improved Gas Mileage

  • Improved gas-mileage is one of the most compelling advantages of the turbo diesel engine. According to, turbo diesel engines have 20 to 30 percent better fuel efficiency than gasoline engines. By using less fuel as you drive, you can drive further between fuel fill-ups, saving you money in the long run.

Less Emissions

  • While the turbo diesel engine still emits more exhaust than a hybrid, because it burns less fuel than gasoline engines, it emits less carbon dioxide over all. Another way it reduces emissions is by recycling exhaust, according to

Reduced Noise

  • Traditional diesel engines are significantly louder than gasoline engines. In contrast, the turbo diesel engine is much quieter and on par with loudness of gasoline engines because piston slap and vibration are more contained.

Improved Performance

  • According to Autotropolis, both torque and speed can more easily be customized to deliver high performance at varying speeds with the turbo diesel. Furthermore, turbo diesel's have increased acceleration speed, and many people enjoy the "sporty" performance of a turbo diesel vehicle.

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