Romantic Birthday Gifts for Men

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If the special man in your life is celebrating a birthday, you will want to get him a gift that reminds him how much he means to you. Spice up your romance and choose the right type of present. Don't buy something generic that doesn't impress; opt for something unique and thoughtful and make a lasting impression.

  1. Spa Treatment

    • While many men might not schedule a spa appointment for themselves, you can set up one for the two of you. Most spas offer massages and other treatments to couples, and some even do so with romantic accompaniments (such as champagne and chocolates). Make a date to receive a sensual treatment together and set a romantic tone for your man's birthday celebration.


    • Consider making a personalized DVD. Use a DVD-making program that may already exist on your computer, like Windows DVD maker, and create a slide show complete with romantic music. You can use different themes for the photographs. You could use pictures of the two of you together or you could make the whole DVD a sexy collection of pictures of yourself. Another idea is to include pictures of the two of you through your formative years, culminating with pictures when you first met until the present.

    Fantasy Vacation

    • Giving your husband or boyfriend tickets to his fantasy vacation for the two of you can be a monumentally romantic birthday gift. The problem is, however, that many may lack the finances to do this. If so, recreate the vacation right at home. For instance, if your husband dreams of a romantic trip to Hawaii, set up your house with beach balls, beach chairs, umbrellas and even a surfboard or two. Have some island-themed music playing in the background. Greet him at the door with a lei necklace and serve some pineapple, fruit drinks and a nice dinner of grilled fish and vegetables.

    Numbered List

    • If your man doesn't mind his age, create a special list centered upon that number. For instance, if he is turning 30, you can make a card or write him a letter with 30 reasons why you love him, 30 of your favorite memories together, or 30 dreams you have for your future together. This makes for a meaningful gift he will always remember.

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