Halloween Costume Ideas With Suits


Give that old office suit a little life with these Halloween costumes. Of course, you may not have a green suit lying around, and you may not want to wear your suit to the office after you've transformed it into Vincent from "Pulp Fiction," but those are mere details. If you want to keep your suit intact, all you need to add are a few choice accessories and you're all set.

1920s Gangster

  • Gangsters never looked so hip. Wear a black suit, white shirt and black necktie. Top it off with a black broad-rimmed fedora hat, preferably with a white band. Add shiny black and white gangster shoes and tote a fake Tommy gun to complete the ensemble.


  • Suits don't have to be black. Wear a green suit, green bowler hat and green bow tie. Cut a large shamrock out of felt and pin it to the lapel. Add a green walking stick and carry a pot of gold. Use colored spray designed for hair and turn your hair red for the final Irish touch.

"Men in Black"

  • A black suit carries you into the alien future with this costume. Wear a silver tie clip on your solid black tie, black sunglasses and an earpiece. Dye your hair black and slick it back. Memorize a few key lines from the movie and practice your fight poses and you'll send the aliens running.

"Pulp Fiction": Vincent and Jules

  • Suits get bloody for these costumes. Add fake blood to your costume to look like Vincent or Jules from "Pulp Fiction." Get a wig with big sideburns or grow your own just for the occasion.

"Point Break": Bank-Robbing Ex-Presidents

  • Another movie-inspired suit costume is one of the bank-robbing ex-presidents from "Point Break." All you need is a suit, an ex-president's mask and a gun (fake, of course). Get three other guys to join you and you'll have the complete set.


  • Wear a black suit for this one. Cut a large oval out of a piece of white fabric and attach it to the front of your suit. It should go from the base of your neck down to your knees. Add a black or red bow tie. Wear black shoes or get a cheap pair you can paint with yellow or orange paint. Get a black baseball cap and paint the underside of the bill yellow. Paint white eyes on the front of the hat, with black centers marked so they look like eyes. Be sure to waddle a lot.

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