The Effects of Video Games on Children Blinking a Lot


Working at a computer for long periods is common these days–not just for adults but for children playing video games or surfing the Internet. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), which often causes excessive blinking in children, is particularly hazardous because young eyes are not yet well-developed and excessive daily stress can affect regular vision development.


  • Not so long ago children spent their free time playing outdoors, which gave their eyes the opportunity to focus on objects near and far. These days, many children use computers at school and then come home and play computer games. According to the web site All About Vision, this has resulted in a higher incidence of myopia, or near-sightedness, because kids don’t exercise their long-distance eye muscles much anymore.

Difficulty focusing

  • Because children don’t have much self-awareness, they will continue doing something until they exhaust themselves–such as playing video games for hours. The American Optometric Association cautions that extended periods of staring at a computer screen can cause the eyes to lock on to one object and viewing distance, making it difficult to switch focus to another object or another distance, even hours after the computer activity is over.


  • Children tend not to think about consequences and will stare at a computer screen in an awkward position for a long time, such as looking up at a screen instead of straight at it. This may result in unnecessary eye strain. Also, staring at the screen causes children to blink less and dries out the eyes.

Blurred or Double Vision

  • Eyestrain can also lead to blurred or double vision. Children may accept this problem as normal and not report it to their parents. Uncorrected double vision can lead to further eyestrain problems, or even myopia.


  • Much like standing on your feet all day can lead to sore legs, staring at a computer screen all day can make eye muscles sore. According to InfoMed, staring at a bright computer screen, sitting in one position for long periods, not blinking and working under fluorescent lights can lead to headaches.

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