The Disadvantages of Mac Computers


The debate between Mac and PC will rage eternal; die-hard Mac supporters will always choose Apple, despite Apple’s disadvantages, and super-PC fans will always choose Microsoft, despite Microsoft’s shortcomings. However, for the person who is sincerely interested in finding the computer that best suits his or her needs, it is imperative to know that, while Apple computers have many advantages, the Mac also has its share of disadvantages.

Operating System

  • Mac computers run on an entirely different operating system than PCs. The most current incarnation of the Mac operating system, Snow Leopard, as well as its predecessors, appear very visually different from Windows. The system is not always as intuitive, and some people who are more familiar with Windows may have a difficult time transitioning to a Mac.


  • Unlike a standard PC, which has a left-click button and a right-click button, the Mac only has one mouse button. As a result, special menus or functions may take longer to access, either because they are located in a different place or because they require a keyboard command in addition to the mouse click.


  • While software is more Mac-friendly now than it has been in the past, there are still a variety of games and programs that are only available for PC. For programs that are currently compatible, some are the same as the PC version, but some must be purchased specifically for Mac. For instance, a Mac owner must purchase the Mac Edition of Microsoft Office Home and Student; the standard version will not function on a Mac.

Customizing and Variety

  • Apple does not offer the same capabilities as Dell, HP, Gateway and other PC manufacturers to customize a unit. Apple products are pre-packaged and standardized; any hardware modifications must be made after the unit is purchased, instead of during the production process. The selection of units is also significantly limited; only a handful of Mac models exist, as opposed to the multitude of PC models.


  • Mac computers are high-end units, and as a result, cost more than PC computers. Mac does have two computers (called Mac Mini) that run at $599 and $799 each, but most consumer Mac products cost between $1,000 and $2,000, and some even top the $3,000 price mark.

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