Roles of Persuasion & Critical Thinking


Persuasion and critical thinking are two important tools in your daily life. Without critical thinking skills, you wouldn't have the cognitive ability to solve most problems you encounter. Without persuasive skills, you wouldn't be able to bring someone with an opposing view over to your way of thinking.

Uncovering the Truth

  • Thinking critically is a tool you need when you solve a complex problem. You think about all sides of an argument to determine the best solution. For example, jury members will receive evidence about the case. Using their critical thinking skills, jurors will determine who is accountable in the case. Critical thinking involves more than taking two pieces of information and choosing one; it involves taking several sets of information, finding their connection and producing a thorough result based on all the strings of information.

Enlightening Others

  • Once you determine the truth of a subject using your critical thinking skills, it is time to share your knowledge. Using persuasion, you need to present the information to other people. Persuasive speaking is a skill anyone with well-thought-out information possesses. Present your facts to someone in a logical manner and allow them to come to the proper conclusion. Unfortunately, however, the best persuasive skills can fail when you present them to an illogical person.

Performing Daily Tasks

  • Critical thinking is a skill you use several times each day to perform several tasks. For example, determining how to resolve a conflict or ask for a date are forms of critical thinking. You link the evidence you have to determine the most likely or best outcome. You can use your critical thinking skills to complete mundane tasks, though. For example, choosing a new route to get to work or purchasing a new brand of paper towels involves critical thinking.

Improving Lifestyle

  • People who can persuade others easily can alter their lifestyles for the better quickly. An employee who knows how to talk to her boss in just the right way will earn a promotion over someone who does not have strong persuasive skills. Persuasive skills can also get you the best deal in a negotiation or give you the upper hand in an argument because you can bring other people to your way of thinking.


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