Jasper Stone Symbolism

Jasper is found in many colors.
Jasper is found in many colors. (Image: Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images)

Jasper stone, which has been mined for more than 2,000 years, is an opaque form of chalcedony found in multiple colors and color combinations. In addition to modern metaphysical beliefs, many ancient cultures attached importance and meaning to jasper. It is also the official rock of Massachusetts.

Modern Metaphysical Symbolism

According to Sobrietystones.com, Jasper is believed to endow its wearer with confidence and power. It is associated with nurturing and fertility. It is purported to slowly and steadily cleanses bad energies and organize the body’s chakras. It has healing powers over the stomach, kidneys, bladder, liver and spleen. The website for Crystal Lotus Jewelry claims it protects the wearer from physical harm as well as enhances dreams and memory. Different colors of jasper have additional metaphysical powers.

Judao-Christian Culture

Jasper is mentioned in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. In Exodus, the Lord tells Moses to have a sacred garment for priests of Israel made, decorated with precious stones, one of which is jasper. In Revelations, jasper is compared to the “Face of God” and the building material of the brilliant, beautiful walls of the New Jerusalem. In "Gemstone Meanings in the 12 Heavenly Stones," Rachel Heine writes that jasper is the foundation stone of the church, symbolizing eternal faith.

Native American Culture

According to Angelfire.com, Jasper is a revered symbol of ancient traditions in American Indian culture. It makes its wearer mindful of the past and reminds him of the promise to carry on traditions through the generations. In addition, red jasper is believed to have special powers to call forth the rains. It is used in sacred rain ceremonies and in dowsing exercises, where a pointer, typically a wire or stick, is used to search for underground waters.

Egyptian Culture

According to Gemstories.yolasite.com, in ancient Egypt, Jasper was associated with the goddess Isis. She was the protector of women, especially mothers, and children. Isis was also considered to be the goddess of magic. Jasper symbolized her magical powers over life, fertility and matrimony. Angelfire.com also mentions red jasper was symbolic of her blood and was thought to stop excessive bleeding. In addition, the ancient Egyptians believed scarabs and other amulets carved of red jasper provided protection from dark forces when worn.

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