My iPhone iPod Is Stuck on Same Sound

The iPhone and the iPod touch share many of the same software elements. On both devices, the sound sometimes gets stuck in the same way. It's similar to the screen freezing, but it's in the audio. This is a minor problem that can be fixed quickly and doesn't indicate any larger problem.

  1. The Glitch

    • Your iPod Touch or iPhone, when it gets stuck on a sound, is encountering a slight software glitch. This can be triggered by a corrupted audio file, but usually it's just software entering a loop the audio can't get out of. Again, it's a simple problem and not a symptom of a larger problem. If it happens frequently, you may need to update your iPod or iPhone software.

    Audio File

    • If the same audio file seems to be causing the glitch, or if the audio file does this multiple times, the audio file is probably corrupted or faulty. It shouldn't put your iPod Touch or iPod at risk, but at the same time you should delete the audio file to avoid this annoying occurrence.


    • When the iPod Touch or iPhone gets stuck on a sound, try pulling out the headphones and putting them back in. That should pause the audio. If the sound is still going, you'll need to turn the iPod or iPhone off, then on again. If that doesn't work, hold down the "Sleep" button on the top right for 10 seconds to force a restart.

    Software Update

    • To update your software, plug your iPhone or iPod touch into your computer and open iTunes. Click on your iPod or iPhone, then "Check for Update" under the Summary tab. Keeping up with software updates helps avoid software glitches like getting stuck on the same sound.

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