Magazine Collage Ideas


Magazines are all around us at newsstands, check stands and in our mail boxes. Many magazines end up in a recycle bin after being read. Instead of sending all the old magazines to the recycle bin, keep some on-hand for creative craft projects such as collages. Magazine collages provide an aesthetically pleasing look and are environmentally friendly.


  • Create a self-portrait out of a collage of magazine cutouts. Hang a piece of white paper on a wall. Sit in profile in front of the wall and have a light source across from you. Have someone else trace the outline of the shadow of your profile on the wall. Cut out the profile silhouette. Look through magazines for pictures that represent your personalty, feature your hobbies or in some way describes you. Make a collage of the cutouts on top of the silhouette picture.


  • Write a short poem and the cut the words out of magazines to compile an attractive collage. Find the words for an original poem in magazines. For hard-to-find words, cut out the individual letters for the words and glue them together. Once all the words are found, glue them in order on a piece of poster board. Cut out pictures that illustrate the poem and collage them onto the poem.

Dreams Collage

  • Cut out pictures and words that illustrate goals and dreams for the future. Dreams and goal pictures include dream vacation destinations, family or career goals or pictures of a dream house. Arrange the pictures in an attractive collage and hang it in a prominent place. Use the collage as a reminder to reach for goals and as encouragement to keep pressing forward when the road to the dreams and goals becomes bumpy.

Other Magazine Collage Ideas

  • Create funny creatures or faces by cutting out and creating a collage of magazine pictures. Cut an eye from one magazine picture and an eye from the face of another magazine picture. Find a nose, mouth, ears and hair from different pictures from a magazine. Arrange the individual face parts into an funny face. Use magazine cutouts to create aliens or make-believe animals or creatures as well.

    Help children cut pictures out of magazines that appeal to them. Remove the flap on the top of a cardboard box and cover the edges with duct tape. Glue the images onto the box in a collage to create a one-of-a-kind toy box.

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