What Is Organizational Discipline?

Organizational discipline can degrade with employee turnover.
Organizational discipline can degrade with employee turnover. (Image: Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images)

Organizational discipline is performing business processes in a standard, repetitive fashion at a high level. Companies with high organizational discipline are more competitive and leaders in their markets. Software-based systems such as enterprise resource planning, or ERP, can help achieve standardization and form the basis for improvement programs. Even when excellent systems are in place, degradation of system use occurs because of turnover and performing work outside the system. Continuous improvement of processes is also a key to organizational discipline.

Standardizing With a System

Businesses implement software systems to help standardize processes. Standardized processes are required so that employees improve performance through repetition. Software systems also enable work to be performed faster and more accurately. This is because manual systems create more opportunities for human error. Organizational discipline increases when software systems are implemented because business processes become clearer, are easier to perform, and errors are reduced.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is making improvement of processes part of every employee's job description. Managers are taught to elicit improvement suggestions, and employees are taught to identify improvements. Continuous improvement is a key to achieving high levels of organizational discipline because the whole organization is focused on performance and improvement of standardized business processes.

Degradation of System Use

System use can degrade because of employee turnover and performance of work outside of standard business processes. This is because new employees have to be trained and then learn how to perform business processes. Excellent training for new employees reduces the opportunity to perform processes outside the system.


Auditing of system use can help reduce degradation of it. An auditing program combined with a training program for new and current employees is a crucial part of organizational discipline. Combining standard system auditing with continuous improvement programs leads to high levels of organizational discipline and market leadership.

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