What Are the Factors That Affect Customer Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction relates to a customer's perceptions about his shopping experience.
Customer satisfaction relates to a customer's perceptions about his shopping experience. (Image: Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

Customer satisfaction is a combination of a customer’s prepurchase expectation and postpurchase evaluation of the shopping experience. A positive experience will result in a satisfied customer. A business benefits from satisfying its customers through increased revenues due to customer retention and new customers due to word-of-mouth endorsements. Customer satisfaction can be influenced by a variety of factors. Knowing what these factors are can help your business consistently satisfy its customers.

Quality of Service

Succeeding in this aspect of satisfaction requires employing a certain type of employee. A business where the employees are courteous and provide customers individualized attention is more likely to produce a satisfying shopping experience than one that does not. Additionally, knowledgeable employees willing to provide prompt assistance are more likely to satisfy a customer. A business must also be able to deliver accurate and dependable service on what it sells.

Quality of the Facility

A clean, visually appealing business is more likely to satisfy a customer than one that is not. According to a study from Australia's University of Ballarat, factors that influence a customer’s perception include: cleanliness, modern equipment, visually appealing materials associated with the service such as brochures and neat, clean and professional-looking employees.

Price of Product

The price is another factor that influences satisfaction. A customer is often very concerned about whether or not the seller may take advantage of him by charging too high of a price. This is particularly true where a buyer feels the seller is at an advantage because he has no choice but to purchase the product. A customer that is charged what he believes to be a fair price is more likely to be satisfied with his shopping experience. However, too high of a price may be perceived as unfair and cause a customer to feel exploited. You can influence a customer’s perception about the price by explaining to him what factors go into determining the price, such as services and fees associated with the product.

Quality of Product

The quality of a product or service also influences a customer’s level of satisfaction. A customer’s expectations as to the quality of a product are often influenced by price. If a product or service is of a higher price, a customer will expect a higher standard of performance. Whether or not the product meets the customer’s expectations will affect his level of satisfaction. A product that meets or exceeds a customer’s expectations is more likely to result in a satisfied customer than one that does not.

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