Salary for a Doctor of Business Administration Degree

A doctorate of business administration enhances your credentials and opens career doors.
A doctorate of business administration enhances your credentials and opens career doors. (Image: Burke/Triolo Productions/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

According to entrepreneur Marc McIntosh's comments to the "Charlotte Business Journal," an MBA is no longer enough to make yourself stand out in the business world. A DBA (doctorate of business administration), in McIntosh's estimation, however, can set you apart. Although salaries for people with doctorates in business administration can be quite high, there are also a number of jobs that people with doctorates of business administration are eligible for. For this reason, salaries vary greatly depending on the type of job you have.

College and University Professors

If you have a DBA, you are qualified to teach business courses at most colleges and universities. Although some instructors do this part-time to augment their business salary or for philanthropic reasons, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes the median income of full-time post-secondary teachers was close to $60,000 in 2008. The highest earning instructors made closer to $122,000 per year. Those who earned the rank of "professor" at their institutions made about $108,000 per year. While even full-time professors may run a business or offer consulting services in addition to their teaching careers, you should be aware of contractual limitations on this kind of work before taking a teaching job.

Finanical Managers

People with a DBA in finance may qualify to handle a company's finance as financial manager. According to BLS, the median income for financial managers was just under $100,000 in 2008. The type of financial management you conduct can impact your salary greatly. For instance, in 2008, financial managers in "securities and commodity contracts intermediation and brokerage" made a median income of close to $135,000 per year. By contrast, those in "depository credit intermediation" made just over $77,000 per year. BLS notes that these numbers do not include benefits and stock options.

Administration Service Managers

Although DBAs now qualify individuals to do everything from teaching others (students and companies) about business to starting and running their own businesses, salaries for individuals who actually go into administration management are among the lowest for DBAs. Individuals who manage a business or organization they do not own had a median income of about $73,500 in 2008, according to BLS. On the high end, individuals earned as much as close to $100,000. On the low end, business managers made less than $37,500. The type of business managed greatly influenced the salary earned. For instance, those whom managed "companies and enterprises" in 2008 earned just under $86,000 per year. Those managing local government organizations, however, earned just under $65,000 per year.


You may seek the DBA degree to make yourself more credible and sought-after as you run your own consulting firms. According to BLS, consultants, or "management analysts," earned a median of about $73,500 in 2008. However, the type of industry again influenced earners, with those consulting with computer systems and design earning the most and those consulting for government organizations earning the least.

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