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Employee relations are directly tied to productivity, morale and job satisfaction. Employee relations are of concern to organizations that recognize how employees drive their operations. Human resources professionals sometimes pursue employee-relations certifications to take on the challenge of an employee relations policy.


An employee relations certification can be earned online or at local area colleges. The certification will examine all legal, organizational, and cultural perspectives to improve organizational efficiency and cohesion. To become certified as an employee-relations professional requires you to be a human resources professional and hold a college degree in human resources or a related field with current HR experience. Employee relations are one of the topics cover in the Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification and makes up approximately 22 percent of the PHR certification content. Employee relations certifications are offered by many colleges and schools but a national certification in employee relations does not exist currently.

Topic in Employee Relations

Most of the employee relations certification courses cover the same material. Some of the topics include managing communication, work/life balance, coaching and mentoring, effective feedback and critique, and embracing diversity in the workplace. Each program offers a slightly different variant of these core principals. This provides a basis for creating a positive and inviting environment in your place of work. The HR professional will be able to confront morale issues with solutions for a resolution.

Online Programs

It is difficult to work and earn a professional certification. Many schools and universities offer this type of certification online. E-Cornell online university, an extension of Cornell University, offers the Foundations of Employee Relations certification online. Another company offering this certification online is Applied Performance Strategies, Inc. (APS). Here is what they have to say about employee relations: “Employees and managers need a practical understanding of what is expected in today’s workplace so that organizations can attract, retain and develop the best talent in order to be successful. The employee relations training offered by APS begins with a basic understanding of each topic area and incorporates the client organization’s unique policies and practices for employee relations.” Kaplan University Online also offers an employee relations certification as well. These programs are available to anyone who is interested and has a computer.

Career Opportunities & Salaries

Employee relations careers are abundant. The U.S. Bureau of Labor states that human resources positions will increase at a rate greater than the national average for all careers. The average salary of an employee relations specialist is $64,000 annually and an employee relations director is $76,000, according to Indeed.com as of 2010. Companies of all sizes hire employee-relations professionals. These duties are generally intertwined into an HR generalist, manager or director role. However, large companies sometimes hire employee-relations specialists as a separate and independent position.

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