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A common figure in the mythology associated with rock music, groupies are usually young females devoted to one or more rock musicians. The general term "groupie," without additional words, is mostly applied to followers of musicians, but the term also works for other celebrities. Whatever the specific connotation, the groupie provides fertile territory for costuming at Halloween. Of course, planning and forethought can turn an average groupie outfit into a exceptional costume.


  • The first step in designing a groupie costume involves making a few choices. While a generic, all around groupie costume presents a viable choice, making it more specific adds realism. Details sell costumes, and specific choices provide more opportunities for concrete details. Pick a genre of music or a decade, or both, before taking on design considerations. Additionally, a groupie costume could be centered around a specific artist. Such choices will impact clothing, makeup and accessories for the costume.


  • While specific clothing options will vary depending on the choice of genre, decade or musician, a few rules apply to all groupie costumes. Groupies strive to be noticed. That means dress flashy. Often times groupies wear provocative clothing. For events where risque outfits won't work, or if you aren't comfortable with that look, wear a skin-colored body underneath. Alternately, wear lingerie outside clothing. Whatever the specific choice, though, flashy should be the key.

Hair, Makeup and Accessories

  • Nearly any style of hair works for a groupie costume. Temporary colors, like pink or blue make good touches. Remember to style the hair to attract attention. Makeup should also be glamorous, but a little over the top. Subtlety is not the key. Accessories like CD covers, or band photos to be signed add to the look. A plastic badge holder with real or fake backstage passes worn around the neck is a great touch for detail, too.


  • Groupies are most often female, but you can assemble a male groupie costume. For that type of costume, dressing like the musician or band would work best, but the same CD or photos for autographs or backstage passes work as accessories. A gender swap of a male portraying a female groupie is another potential variant. There are sports groupies and movie groupies, so any type of celebrity groupie costume could be created. Just remember that the key is to attract attention, no matter the variation.

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