What Are the Dangers of an Ungrounded Electrical System?


Every year people are fatally wounded, severely injured and suffer minor injuries from faulty electrical systems. These injuries and deaths occur for many reasons, but one of the primary reasons is because of the failure to make sure the electrical system is grounded. The dangers of an ungrounded electrical system are real and severe. Your electrical system should be grounded in order to ensure the best chance of safety.

Fatal Injuries

  • The risk of fatal injuries is one of the dangers of ungrounded electrical systems. Electricity passes naturally through conductors. Some materials, such as many types of metal, are excellent conductors of electricity. Other materials such as glass and plastic do not conduct electricity as well. Electricity can easily pass through the human body, making the body a conductor. If a tool or appliance is plugged into an electrical system that is not grounded, electric shock could occur. Depending on the amount of voltage that is passed through the human body, this electrical shock can overload the heart and the brain, causing death.


  • Burns are another danger of ungrounded electrical systems. Voltage that is not high enough to cause a fatal shock to the heart or the brain can still cause second- and even third-degree burns. These types of burns require immediate medical treatment to prevent infections that could lead to death as well. You can also suffer minor burns from this type of electrical shock, causing pain, discomfort or disfigurement.


  • Fire is also a danger of ungrounded electrical systems. These systems can spark when something is plugged in, and the high amount of voltage running through the system can also cause a fire. In ungrounded electrical systems, this is especially dangerous because a fire can start inside a wall where it might not be detected until it is too late. Making sure the system is grounded can prevent these types of fire from occurring and save lives. Fire can result in expensive property damage and loss as well.


  • Another danger from an ungrounded electrical system is the potential financial loss. Ungrounded electrical systems use up a great deal of electricity since the electrical current is constantly traveling throughout the system. This can make your electric bill very high and unpredictable. These systems are also more subject to water damage as well, and they can cost a great deal to repair in order to get them functioning again.

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