Painting Ideas for a Restaurant

The color orange is thought to stimulate appetite.
The color orange is thought to stimulate appetite. (Image: NA/ Images)

According to a study by Restaurant Report, the average American eats 198 meals out each year. That means that on average, a diner will choose where he will eat nearly 200 times each and every year, deciding where he will spend his hard earned money. The fact that the American consumer has such a vast choice of eating establishments available to him makes the tone, style and decor of your restaurant important. One of the first steps is to determine the color scheme you'll go with.

Discriminating Customers

With the onslaught of television shows that feature cooking, reality shows about restaurants that are being taken over by a famous chef and competitions featuring popular chefs, consumers have become more discerning as to what's available to them and what they should expect in a dining experience. Upscale and casual is a dining trend. People want to feel as though a place is relaxed enough that they can stop in after work but not so casual as to feature clowns and singing bears. If you will feature a formal-feeling color like burgundy, forest green or gold, lighten the atmosphere a bit with generous splashes of light-reflecting shades like pale blue, green or creamy white.

Creating an Oasis

People don't just dine at restaurants because they want to leave the cooking to someone else. They also want to escape, to forget the world outside the front door. Paint colors can facilitate this sense of escape. Cool colors, like shades of blue, green and lilac, are known for their ability to put people at ease. In fact, that's why so many medical offices and hospitals are covered in these hues. Psychologists who work with color have recognized that cool tones actually set a more tranquil tone in a space. Even if these cool colors aren't your option for a primary color, find ways to incorporate them into your decor. Hanging lampshades, menus, napkins and artwork are all ways to sneak cool colors into the decor.

The Power of Warm Colors

Psychologists report that warm colors introduce excitement and energy into a business. Warm colors are those you might expect to see in a sunset: red, orange and yellow. Bright yellow is so exciting that doctors find that babies fuss more when they're in a bright yellow room. Red has been found to aid in concentration and detail work while both red and orange are believed to stimulate appetite. In fact, look at any restaurant decor or on food packaging next time you're in a store. You may be surprised by how often red is worked into the design.

Memorable Touches

A bright green door and green awnings will provide a memorable, welcoming look for the exterior of your establishment. Walls in the bar that have been painted in a rich, darkly pigmented color like rust or olive green will set a glamorous backdrop. Painting the walls of the restaurant one color and the inside walls of booth seating a darker shade of the same color will make booths feel cozier and will create a sophisticated monochromatic look.

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