Colored Pencil Drawing Techniques for Water Drops


It's fun to sketch and draw with regular drawing pencils, but drawing with colored pencils adds a new element to the experience. There are a few blending techniques you can use to create a whole spectrum of new colors. This will give your drawings more life and depth. Drawing a single drop of water is a good way to start practicing shading techniques as water reflects light and captures surrounding colors. Keep your wrist loose, find a comfortable position and start drawing.

Study Water Drops

  • Study pictures of water drops. Observe some that are hanging in midair. Notice how the water captures the surrounding colors. See how the color seems to follow the curve and wrap around the drop. Observe colored pencil drawings of water drops and note the technique used to capture these colors on paper.

Draw Your Outline

  • Draw a drop shape in the middle of the page with the top tapered to a point. Shade along the bottom edge of the drop using a dark blue pencil. Tilt the pencil to use the side of the tip. Press lightly while quickly moving the pencil up and down.

Add Layers

  • Draw over the first color layer with a lighter shade of blue. Keep your wrist loose and press lightly to blend the two colors. Use a lighter touch the higher you go on the drop. Add a second layer of darker blue over the original bottom layer to darken it. Press harder on the pencil to provide good contrast between the two color layers.

Add Shading

  • Trace along the length of the entire drop with the darker blue pencil. Shade in a bit of the area along this border. Fill in the rest of the drop with light blue. Press as lightly as you can to create a very faint layer so the shading gets lighter towards the center.

Further Shading and Highlights

  • Add cross hatching towards the bottom of the drop by quickly sketching a series of overlapping horizontal and vertical lines. Add highlights with a white pencil. Follow the curve of the drop pressing lightly. Add these light strokes at varying intervals.

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