Dalmatian Dog Crafts

The Dalmatian is easily recognized for its black spots, big and floppy ears and starring role in Disney's 101 Dalmatians. It is also recognizable breed for its association with firefighters. Dalmatian crafts can be used as a fun way to discuss lessons about fire safety and the role of firefighters.

  1. Dalmation Hat

    • This easy Dalmatian hat emphasizes the breed's big, floppy ears. Cut out a 2 inch wide piece of white construction paper. The strip should be long enough to fit around a child's head Then tape together. Cut two more strips from construction paper that are 2-1/2 inches wide. Trim the top of the strips to 2 inches and round the bottom edges. Draw black Dalmatian spots on all of the pieces of paper. Fold the top of the ears over 1/2 inch and tape the folded part to the headband and repeat on the opposite side.

    Toilet Paper Dalmation

    • This sitting Dalmatian uses an ordinary household item and lets children practice their artistic rendering skills. Cover a toilet paper roll with white paper or paint white. Draw four dog legs on white construction paper and cut out. Draw a Dalmatian face and cut out. Add black Dalmatian spots to the cut out legs and toilet paper roll. Glue the bottom legs to the toilet paper roll, one on each side and then the top legs on the top of the toilet paper roll. Glue the face to the front of the toilet paper roll. The Dalmatian will appear to be sitting strait up.

    Paper Bag Dalmation

    • This paper bag Dalmatian craft can also be used as a puppet. Cut out eyes and dog ears from white construction paper and a tongue from red construction paper. Draw Dalmatian spots on the cut out ears and white paper bag. With the paper bag flat, flap side up, fold the two corners of the flap in small triangles and tape down to form the head. Glue the eyes on the head and ears on each side. Draw a nose and mouth and glue the tongue to the underside of the paper bag flap.

    Paper Cup Dalmation

    • Turn a white styrofoam cup upside down and draw a Dalmatian face with black marker. Cut out two dog ears from white construction paper and draw on Dalmatian spots with black marker. Glue the ears to each side of the styrofoam cup. Put your hand in the cup and you have a puppet.

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