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An underwater-themed mermaid costume can make a splash at a Halloween party. If the tail is already created or purchased, the top can be the main focus. You can find many different top options for a mermaid costume. These tops can be flirty, conservative or a mix of a few different ideas. Different mermaid top options include a seashell bikini, a decorated tank top, a fish-scaled corset and a conservative blouse.

Seashell Bikini Top

  • Many mermaids in movies and pictures wear a seashell bikini for the top. Create this costume by using an already created swimming suit top as the base. Start by finding a bikini top the desired color of the mermaid top. Next, match the color of the bikini top with shiny fabric in a similar color. Draw a seashell pattern on a piece of paper. Refer to photos of seashells for the correct shape. Cut the pattern out of the paper. Fold the shiny fabric in half and lay flat on a table. Place the paper shell pattern on the backside of the fabric and use a pencil to trace around the pattern. Trace two shells on the folded fabric, at least four inches apart. Insert sewing pins along the traced line of both shells, with the pins pointing in. Cut the shells out, leaving a half-inch of space from the traced line. When you finish cutting out the shells, use a needle and thread to stitch along the traced line of one of the shells, stopping at the end with a three-inch gap in the shell. Tie a knot in the thread and flip the shell inside out to hide the seams. Insert a small amount of craft stuffing into the shell and stitch the opening closed. Repeat this task for the second shell. When you have sewed and stuffed both shells, use a needle and thread to sew them on to each cup of the bikini top. Paint on shell details like ridges and indentations with glitter puffy paint and set aside to dry.

Embellished Tank Top

  • For costume wearers not wanting to wear a tiny shell-bikini top, a tank top can be embellished to become part of the mermaid costume. Start with a bright, solid colored tank top, like blue or purple. Next, use glitter puffy paint to paint designs on the tank top. These designs can be scrolls, swirls or sea themes like shells, seaweed and fish. Paint two shells on the tank top over the chest portion to resemble a shell-bikini top. Fill the shells in with a color of puffy paint that will stand out against the tank top color, like yellow or white. Outline the shells with a bright color like pink. Add tiny real seashells to the tank top as well. Find shells at the beach or purchase them from a craft store. If a you want a permanently wet look for the shells, paint them with clear nail polish and set them aside to dry completely. Use a hot glue gun to glue tiny seashells to the straps of the tank top or along the neckline. Use a hot glue gun to glue on large sequins to the tank top. Arrange the sequinsalong the neckline of the tank top, around the painted-on shells or in an original pattern created by the costume maker. Be creative when transforming a plain tank top into a mermaid top.

Elegant Scaled Mermaid Corset

  • Create a corset can be created into an elegantly scaled mermaid top. Find a corset that is either a bright color or a soft ivory. Next, purchase a glittery puffy paint that matches the color of the corset. Use trhe paint to enhance the corset with glitter, without drawing too much attention to a new color. Lay the corset on a table and insert newspaper in the middle of the garment. Draw on small fish scales, about one half-inch wide and one half-inch tall. Cover the entire front of the corset with fish scales. Allow the paint to dry. When the paint is dry, flip the corset over and paint half-inch scales on the entire back. Adorn the neckline of the corset with pearls, painted on using pearl white puffy paint. Allow the corset to dry completely before wearing.

Conservative Mermaid Blouse

  • Some people are comfortable wearing tiny tops to complete their mermaid costume, while others would prefer a more conservative approach to the costume.You can create a conservative mermaid top, using a blouse as a base. This can be a plain colored blouse or a brightly colored blouse. If it is plain, adorn it with decorations like shells, sequins and painted-on designs. A blouse made of fabric printed with sea creatures would be an eye-catching addition to the costume. To highlight the waist, loop a thick solid colored belt around it to wear over the blouse. Decorate with glued-on shells, painted-on designs and sequins. There are many ways to dress up a blouse to complete a mermaid costume while staying conservatively dressed.

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