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In these days of the Internet, cell phones and texting, it may be hard to get the attention of your preteen girl to do anything else. Use a craft project to encourage her to tap into their creative side. Preteen crafts should be moderately challenging to capture her attention and result in a item worth keeping or giving as a gift.

Painted Candle Holder

  • Creating a painted candle holder is a moderate to challenging craft project for a preteen. Depending on the materials, this can be a one-hour project or it may require a longer time if the project is elaborate. Painting a small glass votive holder is a quick project. Look for paints made specifically for painting on glass and let your preteen paint hearts, flowers, sports items and other themes she enjoys. For more involved projects, she can add beads and other decorative elements to the mix.

Beaded Jewelry

  • Jewelry making can be done by preteen boys and girls as a creative way to fill an afternoon. Beaded jewelry projects present many options. They can string beads for a necklace or bracelet and attach clasps at each end for closure. They can also tie a couple dazzling beads or charms to a leather string for a totally different fashion accessory. Their creations will only be limited by their imagination.

Personalized Wall Clock

  • You might be able to get your preteen to school or other events on time if she makes her own personalized wall clock. A basic clock kit costs about $10 and can be mounted onto just about any surface. Your preteen can turn a piece of wood, plate or other material into a one-of-a-kind timepiece with her favorite theme, style or colors. She can also add her name to the clock for the ultimate personalization.

Natural Element Journal

  • Many preteen girls like to keep a journal of their thoughts and memories. Making a natural element journal can make that journal even more special to them. Use shredded tissue paper, paper bags or old wrapping paper combined with natural elements like leaves or flower petals as a base for a homemade journal cover. Then create solid color pages for writing and attach pictures inside. Finish by using a simple sewing technique to bind the papers together to make a treasured journal.

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