Weaknesses of Project Managers

A good project manager will inspire and motivate; a weak one will do the opposite.
A good project manager will inspire and motivate; a weak one will do the opposite. (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Project managers are responsible for the successful completion of projects from beginning to end. They deal with planning, perfecting and executing a task to its fullest and satisfactory completion. If a project manager is weak in areas that require mental or emotional toughness and maturity, he will fail to motivate and lead his co-workers and will be unable to deal with problems if they arise. A weak project manager will be unable to deal with the pressures of a job that may require making difficult choices.

Unclear Objectives and Goals

Although it is important for a project manager to have sharp instincts to foresee problems and make snap judgments, relying too much on instinct and not having a formal agenda or a clear, written statement of objectives can be detrimental to the success of the project. A weak project manager may fail to plan, instead relying on working out the project in his head. The inability of a project manager to come up with a clear statement of objectives is a weakness.

Ignoring Risks and Threats

A weak project manager will ignore risks and threats to the success of the project and take too many chances. The ability to take the right decision at the right time after weighing the options and understanding the risks is a sign of a good project manager. A weak manager will underestimate or undermine risks and proceed with the project without deliberation. A weak project manager is unaffected by advice and considers his own decisions to be the best.

Undermining Individuals and Teams

A project manager does not complete the project, he manages it. The project is completed by individuals who may or may not be working at the same place or even at the same time. A good project manager will have a good idea of the abilities and talents of his team, while a weak project manager will work in a way that alienates or separates people. It is important for the success of a project that a manager have confidence and inspire confidence in his team. A weak manager will undermine the work of individuals working on the project.

Ignoring Opportunities

A weak project manager will be unable to visualize, see or grab opportunities when they present themselves, instead taking the cautious approach to project management. For a weak project manager, playing it too safe is the only way to success. A strong project manager will have a more imaginative approach to the project and work towards greater profits and think not just of meeting goals but of exceeding them. A weak manager will not exploit opportunities for the benefit of the project.

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