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Billions of cans and bottles of Coca-Cola are sold each year, and most of these emptied receptacles will end up in the trash. Unbeknownst to many consumers, Coca-Cola cans, bottles and the cardboard boxes that the cans are packaged in can be recycled and crafted into items that you can use in your own home -- whether as décor or a fun activity for young children.

Coke Can Book

  • A crushed Coca-Cola can, with a little tweaking, can easily become a cute cover to a small ring-bound flip notepad. After crushing the can, hammer it so that it is as flat as possible, and remove the wire binding of the notebook. Making sure to keep the paper bound together, line the top of the can up with the top of the notebook, and punch holes into the top of the can with a sharp nail. Slowly wind the wire through the holes in the can and through the paper of the notebook, and bend the wire at each end so that the paper does not come lose. If the can is larger than the paper, trim it with kitchen scissors, and fold the ends in, tapping them with the hammer, to remove the sharp edges.

Bottle Boat

  • If you have young children, you can repurpose an empty 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola into a boat for them to play with at bath time. Just cut out one side of the soda bottle, leaving the bottom in tact, as well as two inches of the top, creating the hull of the boat. Allow the children to paint the boat with waterproof paints, and use a permanent marker to write the name of their boat along the side. Stick a toothpick through the remaining plastic near the spout of the bottle, and tap a flag cut out of construction paper to the toothpick. Make sure to leave the cap tightly twisted so the USS Coke Boat won't sink.

Candle Holders

  • An emptied Coca-Cola can makes a useful candle holder that will hold tea lights in just a few simple steps. Using a knife, cut around the can about three inches up from the bottom. If you have small children around, you may consider sanding down the edges so that they are less sharp. Decorate the outside of the can with paint, and use a hand-held hole punch to punch holes throughout the can for a design that emits more light. Finally, place a tea light into the center of the can and light it.

Soup Can Holder

  • The long fridge-friendly rectangular cardboard cases that houses Coca-Cola can be used to organize other items that you normally keep in your pantry, such as cans of soup. Just as a new can of Coca-Cola rolls to the front of the case whenever one is removed, cans of soup will do the same. Remove the punch-out piece of the soda box, empty the box of soda and then cut a square large enough to fit a soup can through, on the top back portion of the box. Next, decorate the box by painting it, applying contact paper to the box, or use colorful masking tape. Fill with soup, and you have a new soup storage system.

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