Trimming Supplies for Sewing

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Stock up on sewing supplies during sales.

When you set up a sewing room or plan to start on new projects, you want to have a supply of trim choices on hand. Trim includes items like laces, cording, fringes and beading, which add creative finishing touches to garments. Find a sale at your local craft or fabric shop or watch for off-season specials to plan ahead. You also need a set of sewing scissors and pinking shears, and an array of threads, pins and needles.

  1. Lace

    • Lace comes in many colors and widths. Choose a few yards of versatile white or black in widths of 1/2 inch to 4 or 5 inches. Some lace comes ruffled, while others are flat. A variety of different patterns can be found in most fabric shops. Use the lace on clothing as well as accessories like bags, hats or bedding. Choose the colors you most commonly use. Also, check at thrift shops and antique stores for unique lace finds — vintage lace trim can be adapted for modern use if it's not too worn.

    Cording and Braids

    • Cording, like lace, comes in all colors, though the widths are usually very slender. Sew on cording such as cotton, hemp, suede or metallic or use the cording to make adornments to sew onto garments or accessories. Braided trim comes in a number of different styles and colors, lending itself to clothing or home decor sewing. Most cord is sold by the yard, though you can also find individual packages at some locations.


    • A favorite for adding swing and movement to garments, fringe varies in length. You can get fringe in brush or cluster form, tassels, multicolored arrays or simply in long strands. Add fringe to skirts, leather bags or jackets, and to lamp shades or other objects around the house to give them extra frill. Revitalize fringe from older or worn-out garments; dying or cutting to shorter lengths brings a whole new look. Check yard and garage sales for fringed pieces. Although you may not want the whole garment or fringed item, at the bargain price you may want to buy the piece simply to take the fringe element to use on your project.

    Beading & Sequins

    • Some fringe comes with beading, but you can also keep on hand a variety of beads (as well as buttons and other notions). Crochet or needlework threads add color to larger decorative bead creations. Or keep seed beads that you string yourself to add finishing touches and make one-of-a-kind creations. Sequins come in applique form or in long strips sold by the yard. This shimmery trim makes for fashion statements beyond costuming or show attire.

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