The Top Ad Slogans of the 2000s

Companies want catchy slogans to draw attention to their products.
Companies want catchy slogans to draw attention to their products. (Image: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Advertising slogans are critical components of branding and marketing. A recognizable, creative slogan draws attention to a product or brand and helps consumers seek them out when making a purchase. The top ad slogans of the 2000s made personal connections and simple statements about quality to hook consumers. Top slogans come from a variety of industries, with slogans from Internet and technology-based companies becoming more prominent.

Food and Restaurant Slogans

Food products and fast food restaurants provide some of the most recognizable slogans in the marketplace. McDonald's "I'm lovin' it" and Red Robin's "Red Robin. Yum." have been accompanied by jingles that make them stand out in the marketplace. Taco Bell tried to gain a new audience with "Think outside the bun" to attract those tired of hamburgers and fries as fast food. Pizza companies focus on the quality of their food such as Papa John's simple "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John's." and DiGiorno Frozen Pizza's "It's not delivery. It's DiGiorno!"

Technology-Based Slogans

The 21st century has seen the birth of the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and the growth of Apple as a computer company. Apple has also dominated the technology marketplace with top slogans such as "Think different," "The best keeps getting better" and "This changes everything. Again." AT&T, a communications company that was the first to offer service plans for the iPhone, also has a top slogan with "Your World. Delivered." Microsoft, Apple's main competitor, developed "Be What's Next" to show it is a company committed to developing innovative products.

Political Slogans

President Obama won the 2008 election on a campaign focused on hope and change. "Change we can believe in" and "yes, we can" have become iconic slogans in the political arena. Ironically, President George W. Bush campaigned in 2004 with a similar slogan, "Yes, American Can!" Bush's slogan "compassionate conservatism" from the 2000 Presidential Election has since become a phrase the defines some members of the Republican party. In the 2010 Congressional elections, the newly formed Tea Party brought back the slogan "Don't Tread on Me" originally found on the Gadsden Flag in the 1700s.

Other Slogans

Other companies have developed slogans that will remain recognizable throughout time. Cotton Inc.'s "The fabric of our lives" and Hanes' "Look who we've got our Hanes on now" are becoming iconic in the fashion industry. After facing bankruptcy, the automobile company General Motors rebuilt itself and developed a slogan based on its role in American history with "Chevy runs deep." Another iconic American automobile company drew attention to itself with the simple slogan "Ford. Drive one." Newer automobile manufacturers have also made their mark with slogans such as Kia's "Kia. The power to surprise."

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