Ice Cream Stick Crafts

Ice cream sticks can be used to make crafts that keep kids busy.
Ice cream sticks can be used to make crafts that keep kids busy. (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Ice cream and Popsicle sticks are ubiquitous but easily thrown away. Use ice cream sticks to keep kids busy with craft ideas that are easy for them to make. Save ice cream sticks whenever you and the kids eat ice creams and Popsicles, wash them and store in a dry container. Use craft glue, acrylic paint, markers, crayons or stickers to decorate your ice cream stick crafts. Make sure to keep sharp objects like scissors used in making these crafts away from kids.

Thanksgiving Decorational Centerpiece or Place Setting Card

Place setting cards are a must at a Thanksgiving dinner and involving kids in making them from ice cream sticks is a great way to keep them busy and out of the kitchen. Glue ice cream sticks to make an "A" shape. Stick more ice cream sticks on the frame to resemble an easel, making sure the sticks are close together. Paint or color the sticks with crayons. Write the name of the guest with a marker. Break an ice cream stick into two pieces and glue one half of the piece behind the frame with tape. Use the place setting card on the table, placing it so it stands upright.

Snowmen Fence

A snowmen fence is a cute accessory to complement your Christmas dinner table. To make the fences, paint ice cream sticks with white paint and allow them to dry. Place two or three sticks horizontally and place the remaining sticks vertically leaving a 2-inch gap between each stick. Glue the sticks in place to form the fence. Use permanent markers and pens to make faces for the snowmen towards the top of each ice cream stick. Use scraps of fabric to make hats and scarves for the snowmen. Glue buttons or draw them with a pen towards the middle of the sticks. Hang the snowmen fence on the wall using nails for support or place it on the table with support on either side.

Photo Frame

An ice cream stick photo frame is an easy craft to do with young kids which they can also use in their rooms to frame and hang pictures. Paint ice cream sticks in any color you like and let them dry. Starting from two ends, place them in increasingly tall order, having the middle stick as the tallest. Glue one stick horizontally on the top and one stick horizontally towards the bottom of the set of vertical sticks, making sure the ends of the sticks are visible. Glue one stick each behind the last stick on either side. This will allow you to slide the photo in the frame. Make a stand for the photo frame by bending one ice cream stick about 1 inch from the top. Do not break it completely. Glue the short end to the back of the frame, using the long end of the stick as the stand.

Ice Cream Sticks Container

A container is a versatile accessory that children and adults can use to store stationery and toys. Use a large soup can or cylinder made out of thick cardboard as the container base. Paste one side of double sided tape to each ice cream stick. Remove the strip of tape from the other end and glue the stick to the container. Repeat this until the entire container is covered with sticks. Allow the sticks to be larger than the height of the container to form a fence-like look. Paint the ice cream sticks and allow them to dry completely. Paste stickers and glitter on the container if desired.

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