The Best Wordpress Hosting Scripts

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You can host a blog on the Internet in a variety of ways.

The most recent version of WordPress 3.0 has incorporated the functions and code base of WordPress MU (WordPress Multi-User), one of the best and most popular WordPress hosting scripts available. It is now possible to host multiple blogs under one installation of WordPress, referred to as a network of sites, without any added WordPress hosting scripts. Before WordPress 3.0, to make hosting multiple blogs easier and more manageable, a separate hosting script was needed.

  1. WordPress MU

    • Wordpress MU is the hosting script that is being used on the official WordPress blog hosted website. Corporations, large educational institutes and private company blog networks are using it. This hosting script allows new users to sign up for their own new blogs and keeps each blog's settings and templates separate from the rest. Unlimited blogs can be hosted with WordPress MU and the administrator can control each from a central area.

    WP Manager DX

    • Users of WP Manager DX can install unlimited WordPress blogs on a single hosting account and manage every one of them from the same management panel. WordPress blog installation is simplified by bypassing the hosting account cpanel and ftp. This is a basic multi-blog WordPress hosting script, and additional plugins or PHP scripts are necessary for managing clients and adding any robust features.


    • Host-Press is another WordPress hosting script that you can use to give other users a free WordPress blog on your server and hosting account. The script includes WordPress templates, sub-domains and also instant activation and installation of the free blogs once a user signs up. The motive behind using this WordPress hosting script is letting others create content for the blog hosting script owner, who would then install AdSense or sell other advertising to make a profit.

    WP Desktop

    • This WordPress hosting script is a desktop version that allows its users to manage and install as many WordPress blogs as needed, directly from the computer desktop. It makes setting up, optimizing, customizing and updating easy. By automatically handling most of the tasks that are required, it is a useful choice for those who are not experienced in hosting multiple WordPress blogs as well as experts.

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