Hairspray for the Prevention of Lice in Clean Hair

If your child continually comes homes with lice, talk to school staff member.
If your child continually comes homes with lice, talk to school staff member. (Image: BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Dealing with lice is an overwhelmingly difficult problem. They are resilient creatures known for their ability to survive. They spread quickly, making schools and other crowded areas a breeding ground for lice. This is a serious problem; if lice is not dealt with the problem will be recurring, which puts other people at risk. Lice is a prevalent issue, and because of this, there are many misconceptions about how to get rid of lice and how to prevent lice.

Lice Background

Lice are very small, wingless insects. They inhabit the human scalp, preferring clean hair. Lice are not microscopic, they are actually quite large and visible. They are about the size of a sesame seed. These insects, like many others, need blood to live, but they lack wings and they do not jump like fleas. Lice crawl from person to person. Most children get lice by sharing headbands or hats, or having head-to-head contact.

Can Hairspray Prevent Lice

There is nothing that can completely prevent lice. There are techniques that may help, but be wary; they will not stop lice completely. Your child will still be susceptible. Head lice are discouraged by hairspray. Hairspray coats the hair shaft and imitates dirty hair. Lice prefer clean hair. Hairspray also hardens the hair together, which does make it difficult for lice to cling to strands. Hairspray will make it difficult for the lice eggs to attach, as well. So there is no harm done in putting hairspray on your child’s hair, but understand that this technique is not 100 percent effective and your child may still contract lice.


Because lice spreads through head-to-head contact, advise your child to not share hats or personal belongings with friends until the lice has been eliminated from the school. Ensure that they never share combs, brushes, hair ties, or barrettes with friends. If you have a daughter, tightly braid her hair, or put it up into a tight bun.

Dealing With Lice

There is no product that is sure to prevent lice. Most products on the market are designed to eliminate lice once they have attached to your hair. That is about the best you can do. Once you or a family member has lice, deal with the problem the best that you can. It takes persistence, but working with lice treatment shampoo and nit combs is the only way to get rid of the problem. You cannot depend on prevention methods.

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