Energy Crafts for Kids


Help children learn about energy preservation and how natural energy may be used. Using natural energy can help protect the environment. Natural energy includes the sun, wind and water. It can help people warm or cool and bring lighting into the home. Many energy crafts may be placed indoors or outdoors for use.


  • Pinwheels catch wind and may be placed indoors near windows or outdoors to help generate additional wind. Create a pinwheel using a vinyl sheet cut into a square. Cut diagonal slits at each corner toward the center of the square. Take the four corner tips created from the cut and place one on top of the other at the center of the square. Push a thumbtack through the center to hold down the four tips. Apply a pencil with an eraser to the back of the pinwheel by pushing the thumbtack through the side of the eraser.

CD Sun Catcher

  • Reflective surfaces like CDs help generate energy produced from the sun, including heat and light. Reflect colorful lighting into your home by adhering sequins, jewels, or beads to the surface of the CD. Loop a fish line through the center of the CD and hang it near the window where it can catch the sunlight.

Glow-in-the-Dark Light Switch Cover

  • Nightlights are used to help guide people in the dark. Eliminate the need for a nightlight in certain rooms by crafting a glow-in-the-dark light switch cover. Use glow-in-the-dark sculpting clay or paint to cover light switch covers. Create patterns or drawings you want to see in the dark with the glow-in-the-dark material.


  • Waterwheels can generate electricity with flowing water. Create a waterwheel using two plastic plates. Staple plastic cups along the rim of the plates so that they are sandwiched between the plates. When the plate rolls like a wheel, the cups can pick up water. Poke a hole at the center of the plates and insert a pencil. Place the waterwheel above a body of water with flowing water on top of it to see how a waterwheel works.

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