Dutch Heritage Tattoo Ideas


Tattoos last forever, barring an extremely painful removal procedure. For this reason, it is always a good idea to tattoo an aspect of your life that will never change, such as your heritage. Those with a Dutch lineage can consider a variety of tattoo ideas that relate to their heritage. The placement of the tattoo can be significant, as can the size and color scheme.


  • The Dutch flag is made of three horizontal bars, colored red, white and blue from top to bottom. A tattoo of the Dutch flag can be outlined in black ink to give a definite dimension to the design without an outline to give a more abstract feel. Consider whether you want a wavy flag or a flat one; the simplicity of this design lends itself nicely to a small tattoo. This is a perfect example of a tattoo that would require color as opposed to the traditional black and gray style.


  • Also known as "klompen," clogs are a traditional Dutch shoe made from wood. They have a very recognizable, thick and almost box-like appearance with a low ankle and no straps or laces. For a clog tattoo, consider a pair adorned with any specific designs you want, such as tulips (popular Dutch flower), the last name of your Dutch ancestors in any particular script, or just basic shades of brown with knots and swirls to simulate the texture of wood.

Country Shape

  • The Dutch originate from The Netherlands. Consider tattooing the shape of the country as just the broad outline for another tattoo, such as a portrait of your Dutch grandmother, the script of your family tree or the colors of the flag. This tattoo may require a large amount of space to display adequately, depending on the details of the objects encompassed by the shape and your own personal preferences.


  • For a Dutch script tattoo, choose a quote or motto that has significance for you and translate it into Dutch. The length of the script is not important, though more words does mean a larger tattoo, and you can choose from hundred of fonts types and styles. To translate words into Dutch you can use a translation book or an online source, but it is always advised to check several sources to make sure you tattoo the proper set of words.

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