Silver Spoon Crafts


Silver spoons have been used since as early as the 17th century. They are often highly decorated on both ends of the handles. These intricate designs make silver spoons perfect for various crafts. Use spoons obtained from garage sales or thrift stores in projects to decorate your home and garden.

Wind Chime

  • Make a melodic wind chime using silver spoons to hang on your porch for a relaxing atmosphere outside. The Thrifty Fun website says to flatten five spoons using a rubber mallet and a solid surface. Drill a hole at the end of the handle using a power drill. Thread a length of thin metal wire through each of the holes and knot them around every other arm of a metal whisk. For additional decoration, hot glue a colorful glass stone over the hole in the spoon to disguise the seam. Use the hole in the handle of the whisk to hang the wind chime on a nail.


  • The Craftbits website shows how to use a long-handled silver spoon to make an unusual bracelet. Cut the scoop off the spoon with a piercing saw and sand down the edge to prevent injury to yourself. Heat the spoon handle in the oven on a baking sheet until it is slightly malleable. Use leather gloves and a little muscle to bend the handle into a bracelet shape. For a more rounded shape, bend the handle around a length of 2-inch diameter PVC pipe. To decorate your bracelet, drill small holes into either end of the handle and attach metal jump rings. Attach a pendant to the jump rings.


  • Silver spoons have been made into rings since the 17th century, as servants would steal the spoons to make engagement rings for their beloved. Recreate this tradition by cutting off the scoop of the spoon and using sandpaper to round the edges. Choose a spoon with decorations on both ends of the handle for the best appearance. Use a wooden dowel rod about the thickness of your finger and bend the handle of the spoon around it. If your muscle is not enough, use a rubber mallet to shape it.

Garden Decor

  • The Lavender Hill Studio website talks about making a reflective garden decoration using five silver spoons. Cut the scoops with a little bit of the handle still attached off of the spoons. Use hot glue to hold the scoops together to look like petals in a flower. Attach a large, colorful glass stone to the center of the flower to complete the bud. Hot glue three handles end to end for the stem of the flower. Use hot glue to hold the stem onto the center of the petals. The additional two handles can be glued onto the stem to make leaves for your flower.

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