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Test your drawing skills with a metamorphosis exercise. Choose two images --- as random or connected as you wish them to be --- and transform one into the other using a series of steps. This project can be tailored for artists of all ages depending on the complexity of the images. Whether you choose to transform insects, animals, people, inanimate objects or food, a metamorphosis is sure to stretch your artistic horizons.

Insect Metamorphosis

  • A butterfly metamorphosis sketch can be done true to form or altered in a variety of ways. One idea is to sketch a branch across the width of the page to act as a landing pad for the stages. Draw the metamorphosis along the branch. Begin with the egg stage and end with the butterfly stage. End the sketch with the butterfly transformed into a fairy butterfly perched at the edge of the branch. Other ideas include morphing an ant into a dragonfly or a beetle into a ladybug. You could also morph a bug into its prey.

Character Metamorphosis

  • Choose a character --- a friend, a celebrity or a cartoon --- and morph it into the animal it resembles most. Consider the overall shape of the image and work with the angles. For instance, if you have a photo of someone with an outstretched neck, morph it into a picture of a giraffe. The more complicated the image the more steps you will require to complete the process. Another idea is to transform family members into one another or boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sports Metamorphosis

  • Transform a football into a football helmet in a series of stages. Or, morph an ice skate into a hockey helmet. Pay attention to detail within each phase of the drawing and be consistent with shading and shape definition. Another idea is to transform a hockey player into a football player. Place the characters in context and transform the scenery along with the characters. In this case the ice rink will transform into the ball field.

Inanimate Object Metamorphosis

  • Inanimate objects provide a wealth of ideas for metamorphosis compositions. Turn a pineapple into a palm tree or a lamp into a rocking chair. Turn a birthday cake into a wrapped present. The options are endless and can be quite comical if you let your imagination run wild. One idea is to draw a bowl of fruit on a table next to a window. Show one apple falling out of the bowl in a series of stages until it transforms into a piece of apple pie as it hits the table and lands on a plate next to a fork.

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