What Personality Types Do Best at Management?

Someone with an introverted personality is not best for a management position
Someone with an introverted personality is not best for a management position (Image: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Managers are in charge of managing the time, task flow, budget and other portions of the projects or assigments their team is working on. Not everyone has the personality to work as a manager, though; you need to be extroverted, work well and communicate well with other people, use logical judgment and be realistic when setting goals and managing your own expectations of your team.


Those who are extroverted are drawn to the world around them and gain energy from it. They do not feel drained after a long day of being around other people, but instead feel empowered. They have a need to engage the things, people, places and activities going on in the outside world for their life force. This makes them great for management positions because extroverts need to work with people and are not afraid to interact with other people and to take on new activities and opportunities.


Communication is key in business. In order for a team to work efficiently, its members have to be able to communicate well — and the manager sets the standard for this communication. Having a manager who is very responsive, who is not introverted, and who very open and honest aids communication and can make working a lot easier for all involved with the team.


There are two types of judgment, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: thinking and feeling. Those who prefer thinking judgment to make decisions view things objectively and analytically. They must have facts and prefer this logic to allowing emotion to cloud their judgment when making executive decisions. Those who prefer feeling judgment value their intuition when making decisions. They pay attention to the impact of their decisions and actions on other people. A good manager exhibits both of these types of judgment. Being concerned with the effect decisions you make will have on your team and letting them know you care boosts morale and leads to a harmonious work environment, while looking at the facts from a logical perspective allows you to make decisions ethically and for the betterment of the business itself.


A manager needs to be grounded. He needs to understand the business he’s working in and understand the time and budgetary restraints. If the’s not grounded and does not have this understanding, he’ll push his team too hard with unrealistic expectations and goals, leading to poor team moral and resentment of the manager.

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