Things You Should Never Buy Refurbished

Carefully inspect used items before you purchase them.
Carefully inspect used items before you purchase them. (Image: Hemera Technologies/ Images)

If you are willing to purchase a refurbished item (freshly cleaned and restored) instead of a new one, you can save a lot of money. There are a few items, though, that you should never purchase refurbished. There could be safety problems with the refurbished items or you could end up spending money on an item that just isn’t worth it.

Digital Cameras

A digital camera has many small components that are very delicate. While you may be able to find a refurbished camera that looks fine on the outside, it can be difficult to determine if it has extensive internal damage. A short drop can spell disaster for something as delicate as a digital camera. Even if it works when you purchase it, there could be some damage that will make it malfunction soon after you purchase it.

Mattresses and Bedding

Even the cleanest looking of mattresses can have hidden dangers just under their surface. Molds and bacteria from the previous owner can hide in the folds of the material on the mattress. The same goes for blankets and pillows. You could be laying your face into a nest of germs anytime you used a pre-owned pillow, despite all the cleaning the previous owner did on it. There is also the chance that the inside structure of the mattress has damage, which will make it wear out at an accelerated rate.

Baby Furniture

You should never trust the safety of your child to a piece of furniture that has an unfamiliar past. While a crib or car seat may seem structurally sound and clean, there is a lot of damage you may not be able to see immediately. For example, every time a car seat suffers through a high impact, it becomes less structurally sound. The buckle on the seat may weaken after prolonged use and not protect your child properly. Old car seats may also have out-of-date safety equipment as well. Cribs can weaken after prolonged use as well, which puts your baby at risk.


When you buy refurbished jewelry from a private seller, it can be difficult to tell just what you are getting. Without an expert opinion or proper documentation, you will have nothing but the seller’s word on the purity of the jewelry. You may end up paying a high price for a fake diamond or a ring with a low gold purity. If the seller is willing to take the item to your trusted jeweler, though, to test the authenticity, you can verify the purity of the jewelry and feel safe making your purchase.

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