Most Desirable Places to Live in Florida

The Sunshine State is a popular destination for those looking to relocate somewhere warm, relaxed and with access to the ocean. Florida boasts a range of potential destinations and the desirability of an area is really dependent on what you're looking for; whether that's somewhere to raise a family, retire or just have fun. .

  1. Coastal Cool

    • For younger people looking for fun and entertainment Miami and the Tampa Bay area would be a good choice. Tampa Bay is located on the west coast of central Florida and is known as an entertainment hot spot with festivals and events held throughout the year and numerous stores and restaurants. Likewise, Miami on the east coast of southern Florida boasts non-stop nightlife and a thriving arts scene.

    Family Friendly

    • Families moving to Florida might want to look into areas around Orlando, which benefits from a warm climate and access to the city's world famous theme parks. Windermere is 12 miles from Orlando and although house prices there are high compared to the rest of Florida -- averaging more than $600,000 as of 2009, according to -- it offers small-town charm, low crime rates and good schools.

    Young Professionals

    • Young people not drawn to the bright lights of Miami might find cities such as Jacksonville or Tallahassee good options. Both are large cities with ample employment opportunities and Tallahassee is also home to Florida State University. Away from the hustle and bustle, both cities also have suburban neighborhoods that would be suitable places to raise families.

    Golden Years

    • Florida is a very popular choice for those of retirement age. Laid back areas such as Port Charlotte on the southern west coast are a great option. It boasts a network of canals and waterways leading out into the large harbor, making it a perfect choice for those wanting to get out on the water. The town also has a cultural center and a 42,000-acre state park. Other options include Ocala and Jupiter.

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