Fun Competitive Games That Everyone Can Do


Everyone can enjoy some entertaining competitive games at home with the family, for a birthday party or for a social gathering. Games promote physical fitness and teach everyone the importance of good sportsmanship. With careful planning, a few game ideas and some inexpensive supplies, you can create fun competitive games for everyone.

Circle Games

  • Divide the players into two groups and select one player in each group to be "it." Have each group stand in a circle. When you say "Go," the "it" players must run around the outside of the circle and back into his spot. The next player in the circle will do the same and so on, all the way around the circle. The first team to get all their players back to their current spot wins the game.

    For another circle game, give the "it" player an orange. He must place the orange in between his neck and chin. The first team to pass the orange all the way around the circle using only their necks and chins wins the game. If they drop the orange or touch it with their hands, it must start all the way over with the "it" player.

Balloon Games

  • Form two groups of players and give each player an inflated balloon. Tell the teams to hit the balloons in the air. If a balloon touches the ground, that team loses the game. To make the game harder, add more balloons to each team. For another variation, have the teams sort the balloons into colors while hitting them in the air. The team who can sort their balloons by color first wins the game.

Ball Games

  • For a ball relay race, divide the players into two teams and have them stand in a single file line. The teams will race to pass a ball between their legs down the line and then over their head back up the line. The first team to finish the race wins the game. For another ball game, hang a hula hoop from a basketball goal. Mark lines 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 feet from the hoop. Have the players try to throw a ball through the hoop from the lines. The player who can throw the ball from the farthest distance through the hoop wins the game.

Tag Games

  • For an outdoor tag game, try a game with flour-filled socks. Fill socks with flour and tie them off with a rubber band. Select two players to be "it." All other players must put on a dark-colored shirt. The "it" players will toss the flour socks at players to get them out of the game. The last two players standing are the "it" players for the next game. For another tag game, use a bag of clothespins. Place a clothespin on the back of each player's shirt. When you say "Go," players must try to take the clothespin off as many players' shirts as they can. However, they must protect try to protect their own. Once a player loses his clothespin, he is out of the game. The last player with his clothespin wins the game.


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