Cheats in Vice City on the Police and the Helicopter


You can use dozens of cheat codes to add interest and variety to your Grand Theft Auto: Vice City experience. Whether you want to make the game easier or just more interesting, simply enter a button combination to unlock a desired cheat. A few of these cheat codes are useful when dealing with the police of Vice City and unlocking the helicopters available in the game.

Wanted Level Cheats

  • Instantly lose the police chasing you by entering the following cheat code: "R1," "R1," "circle," "R2," "up," "down," "up," "down," "up," "down." This code will lower your wanted stars by two. If you want to challenge yourself to a standoff with Vice City cops, enter the following code, which increases your wanted stars by two: "R1," "R1," "circle," "R2," "left," "right," "left," "right," "left," right." Enter this code multiple times to increase your wanted level to six stars.

Hidden Package Rewards

  • Scattered across both islands of Vice City, you can find 100 hidden packages. For every 10 packages you find, you will unlock a reward. Your reward for collecting 80 hidden packages is access to the Sea Sparrow helicopter at the Starfish Island mansion. Once you collect all 100 packages, you unlock the second helicopter, the Hunter, at Fort Baxter Air Base. After you unlock these helicopters, they are available for use at all times.

Stealing an Apache

  • Once you unlock the Sea Sparrow and finish the mission "Cop Land," you can sneak onto Fort Baxter Air Base and steal an Apache. Head to the police station on Washington Beach and change into the police uniform inside the locker room. Drive to the Starfish Island mansion, get in the Sea Sparrow and fly it to Fort Baxter Air Base. Land it near an Apache and you can now steal this military chopper. If you attempt this without the police uniform, the military will shoot down your helicopter.

Float on Water

  • The floating cars cheat also works on helicopters. Enter "right," "R2," "circle," R1," "L2," "square," "R1," "R2," to activate the floating cars cheat. Once you activate this cheat, you can land your helicopter on water and float indefinitely. Use this cheat to explore offshore areas of Vice City without stealing a boat. This code is reversible by re-entering the code when you wish to deactivate the cheat effect.

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