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Instead of going to the store and purchasing a craft that has already been made, buy the supplies you need and put your creativity to use. There is a slew of ideas for teenagers who want to make Christian crafts for themselves, friends or family. With only a few supplies, you can make a butterfly sun catcher with wax paper; a mosaic cross and heart wreath with colored foam, along with heart stamp roller with craft foam.

Butterfly sun catcher

  • The butterfly sun catcher is a great Christian craft because of the references the sun catcher has on Jesus and God. The use of many of the materials also has a strong reference to the way God views individuals. This unique, easy sun catcher can be assembled by using wax paper and a pattern that you like that will represent a butterfly. To make the butterfly come to life, place the wax paper on the pattern you chose and trace it with a pencil. Before cutting out the pattern, fold the wax paper in half, so the butterfly will have two cut outs for the front and back of the butterfly. Next take the crayons out of the box and sharpen them to the point where you produce shaving, so you can sprinkle them onto one side of the cut out pattern. Make sure when you are spreading the shavings over the pattern, you leave at least a half of an inch around the edge of the pattern. After the shavings are placed where you want them, put the second piece of wax paper on top then put a slim towel over it. On medium heat, take your iron and slowly move back and forth over the pattern, so you can melt the crayon shavings. After it cools, punch a hole in the top for a piece of string to go through. Before hanging the sun catcher up, make sure to cut the extra wax paper away to make the pattern look more like a butterfly.

Mosaic Cross

  • This simple, but colorful craft can be assembled with various colors of foam that can be found in a craft store. Make sure to purchase black craft foam because that will be the backdrop of the cross that you will cut out. Make sure when you cut out the cross it is about three inches to four inches in length so you have enough room to place the other colors. Next take the five to six different colored foams and cut them in different shapes and sizes. After you cut out between 15-20 different foam pieces arrange them on the cross that satisfies you. Glue the foam pieces onto the cross after you are happy with how they are placed on the cross. The mosaic cross can be turned into a necklace by making a hole at the top and placing a string through it, or it can be turned into a magnet by gluing it onto the back of the cross.

Heart Wreath

  • Before you can get started with this craft, make sure you find a heart pattern that you can use for the wreath. Once you chose your pattern, stick double-sided tape on the back of the heart, so you can cut out the heart without having to trace it. After you are done cutting out the heart, remove the pattern and stick it on the next piece of foam and cut another heart out. Make sure you cut out five pink and red hearts from the foam plate. Next punch a hole at the top and bottom of the foam plate, so you can use a pipe cleaner for the top of the wreath to hang it and a ribbon at the bottom for decoration with additional hearts. Once that is done, you will have to glue the hearts you cut out onto the wreath in an overlapping fashion. The wreath will use eight of the ten hearts you cut out. Once those are dry, the last two hearts will suspend from the ribbon attached at the bottom of the wreath. Write a Bible verse you like on those two hearts to complete your wreath.

Prayer book

  • The prayer book, which be easily assembled by using colored construction paper and ribbon, can either have words or pictures on each page. To start the project, grab orange, yellow, black, red, white, green, pink and purple construction paper and punch one hole in the middle of each page. After you punch holes, stack the paper back together and put the ribbon through the hole and tie a bow. If you want to make a wordless prayer book, find pictures of friends and family that you want to say a prayer for and glue one picture on each page. The prayer book with words will utilize a different Christian phrase for every color. Orange represents heaven; yellow is for God's light; black is for individual sins; red represents the blood Jesus gave; white is associated with the cleansing of one's sin; green means new life; pink is associated with gifts God shared and purple stands for the crowns everyone will wear.

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