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Memory books have a variety of uses. Many are overall memory books for schools, churches, families, weddings and anniversaries, and some are special memory books for special events, moments and affairs. The easiest titles are "My Memories" or "Our Family Album," but there are creative ways to title a memory book, whether it is a generic one or one that is for holding special memories.

Family History

  • Over the course of time, a family book may become a big unorganized collection of photographs, snapshots and clippings, or an organized and expandable collection with special sections for different milestones. Some creative names for a family memory book are "The Simpson Family Takes on the World," "We Are Family," or "The Times of Our Lives."

Church History

  • Some churches collect memory books for special events, such as pastoral commemorations, church dedications, mortgage burnings, opening services for new buildings and so forth. Some memory book titles are "[Name of Church] New Building Dedication Ceremony," "...Annual Pastor Appreciation Dinner," or "Burning Down the Mortgage, Building Up the Kingdom."

Class History and Graduation

  • Memory books for high schools and college graduations are common. Some creative titles can be "Kids with Class," "Tomorrows Are in the Eye of the Beholders," or "Veni, Vidi, Vici: We Came, We Saw, We Conquered." For an individual graduate, try "The Real World Awaits Me," or "[Name]: Present Graduate, Future Millionaire."

New Births and Birthdays

  • New births often bring out the creative genius in people. A memory book is often a parental must-have for keeping first nail and hair clippings, or things the child may not want to talk about later. Whatever the case, some suggested titles for memory books for newborns are "Labor of Love" or "Your Name, [Name of Baby], means ...." and find a three-word description of the meaning of the child's name with a subtitle if needed, like "You were named after." Memory books for birthdays can be fun or sentimental, much like writing a very short greeting card. For a child, some good thoughts are "Boy Meets World" or "Oh Boy, it's a Girl!" For an older person who is a close acquaintance, a birthday memory book title can be called "Are You 20 Again?" or "Nifty at Fifty." Some ideas for a teen memory book are "My Mom Sure Can Throw a Party!" and for older teens and young adults try "I'm Old Enough Now" or "All Hail the Queen [or King]."

Weddings and Anniversaries

  • Wedding and anniversary memory book titles can be geared for older and younger couples, from the first anniversary to the 50th and beyond. In the case of a younger couple, a thought for a memory book title may be "A Good Life Is Only a Kiss Away" or "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours." For an older couple, some title ideas are "We're Still Having Fun and You're Still the One," or "They're Still Writing Love Notes."


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