Household Uses for Coca-Cola


You might think of Coca-Cola as simply a drink that you enjoy over ice, but there are actually many uses around the house for this sweet drink. It contains a fairly high level of acid and other ingredients that can do a variety of jobs that you might not expect. Since Coca-Cola is often much less expensive than actual cleaners, if you have some around the house, you might try it before heading to the cleaning aisle of your grocery store.

Stain Remover

  • Coke can actually remove grease stains from clothing and other surfaces. If you have a grease stain on a piece of clothing, pour the liquid onto it and let it sit for an hour or so. Then throw it into the washer and wash it as you normally would. The grease stain will likely be gone when you remove the piece of clothing from the dryer. Try using Coca-Cola to loosen grease stains on your carport or driveway as well. Pour the Coke over the area, let it sit and then spray it off with water.

Toilet Cleaner

  • If you're out of your regular toilet cleaner, try using Coca-Cola. Pour a can into the toilet bowl and let it sit there for one hour. With the Coke still in the toilet bowl, use your toilet brush to scrub the toilet thoroughly. Flush the toilet and you should have a clean bowl. Coke contains phosphoric acid that can remove stains from porcelain and china, so try it on other stained porcelain you might have.

Plant Fertilizer

  • Use Coca-Cola to fertilize plants around your home that favor acidic soil. For example, azaleas and gardenias grow best when the soil around them has a high acidic content. Pour a can of Coca-Cola around the base of the plant to increase the acidity of the soil. The sugar in the drink will also feed microorganisms that are living in the soil, boosting its organic properties.


  • If you have fruit flies around your house, Coca-Cola can help get rid of them. After finishing all but an inch of Coke from a 2-liter bottle, use a drill to make a hole at the top of the bottle and place it wherever the fruit flies are congregating. The flies will enter the bottle to try to drink the Coca-Cola, but they will not be able to find their way back out. It's important that you use regular Coca-Cola for this and not Diet Coke because that version does not have the sugar content to attract the flies.

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