How Much Does a Bodyguard Make?


There are no regulations pertaining to the pay scale of a bodyguard. The pay for this particular industry runs on reputation, experience and desirability of skills. The more expertise a bodyguard has, the more he can charge for his services. Likewise, the higher the rate of pay, the more a client expects from the bodyguard in terms of protection and performance in the field.

Nature of the Job

A bodyguard may work around the clock as a condition of employment. The work schedule depends on the profile of the client and how important or how large of a presence the client is in the public eye. How much a bodyguard earns is also dependent on a client's status and the likelihood of someone attempting to harm that client. The higher a client's profile, the longer the hours and the greater the need for close security. This translates into a higher pay scale for a bodyguard.

Body Guard Hourly Wages

A bodyguard's pay scale is also dependent on his experience. This is not just his experience as a body guard, but experience in the security world, including prior experience as a law enforcement agent or member of the military. According to salary tracking site PayScale, at time of publication a bodyguard with one to four years of experience earns between $15.49 to $29.75 and hour. A bodyguard with 20 or more years of experience earns an hourly wage between $24.57 and $61.67.

Body Guard Salary

The median annual salary for a bodyguard is about $55,000, according to the StateUniversity website. This figure does not include bonuses and incentives, which can increase a bodyguard's salary to as much as $100,000, according to Bodyguard Careers. A high-paying bodyguard position often requires specific skill sets, including extensive martial arts training, weapons proficiency and foreign language skills. Skill in a foreign language allows a bodyguard to serve as an interpreter for a client when traveling abroad, and is a highly valuable asset in the field.

Work Environment

A bodyguard's career may take him all over the world. The pay scale of a bodyguard may depend on the travel requirements of the position as well as the particular destinations a client travels to on a regular basis. A bodyguard can negotiate a higher salary if the destinations are particularly lawless, thus requiring the bodyguard to be in harm's way on a near-constant basis. A bodyguard may also negotiate travel expenses and related costs, including health insurance and room-and-board into his contract.

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