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If giving a beer helmet, consider including some of his favorite beverages.

Buying a guy a gift doesn't have to be sentimental or serious. Giving a funny gag gift can add playfulness to any celebration, especially if he's getting up there in years. When choosing a gag gift, be sure to recognize the occasion for which the gift will be given. Don't give an inappropriate t-shirt or gift in front of his boss or family. If you're not sure of his sense of humor, err on gifts less likely to offend.

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  1. Novelty Money

    • Put the guy's picture on a fake dollar bill, or select another denomination, like a fake million dollar bill. Or put the his favorite artist, such as a singer or actor, on a dollar bill. For the guy who thinks he spends too much money on other people --- like his friend, wife, girlfriend or child --- put a picture of that person on the bill. Place it in a card and write, "Now it really IS their money." Or, if he seems to spend a lot of money on his pet, put a picture of it on the bill.

    Divorcee Gag Gifts

    • For the divorced guy, personalize nice washcloths for the bathroom and embroider them with the phrase, "Please Use Me." Be mindful of the guy's emotional and mental state when giving a gag gift related to divorce. Terri Matheis, founder of the divorce national support group Sassy Pink Peppers, warns of being disrespectful of the former partner. But if you know the guy will appreciate the joke, give him a voodoo doll of his ex-partner or have a cake made with her picture, which he can carve into.

    Sports Gag Gifts

    • For the guy who loves to cheer on his favorite sports team, give a female cheerleading uniform. If he has a team he vilifies, have his name embroidered on the back of that team's jersey. For the golfer who is always hitting his balls into the water, give a life jacket. Or, purchase a visor with fake hair for the bald man to wear on the links. Beer helmets are another gift option that allow him to enjoy his favorite beverage while still allowing him to clap and cheer on his team.

    Law and Spy Gag Gifts

    • Give him a sheriff's badge with his name on it. Tell him he's now the law. If he feels his voice is never heard in his household, give him a police bullhorn. Have his name engraved on the sign to personalize it. Or, purchase crime scene tape for him to put across the bathroom door. For the spy lover, give a pair of rear-view sunglasses so he can see behind him. Or, give him a hidden camera, which he can wear as a button or place in his house to keep lookout when he's gone.

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