Cheats for Adding Lock Picks in "Fallout 3"


"Fallout 3" is a role-playing game, with elements of shooter games, that is set in a radiated, post-apocalyptic wasteland through which your character has to scour, completing quests, fighting those who would thwart his efforts, and picking up items and money along the way. Many items in the game are locked and require the player to use bobby pins to pick the locks, making bobby pins valuable items. As of May 2011, there are two bobby pin-related cheats for "Fallout 3" and two alternate unlocking methods.

Add Bobby Pins (Computer)

  • There is only one true bobby pin-adding cheat in "Fallout 3," though there are also tricks and cheats to help you keep the bobby pins you have. The bobby pin cheat only works on computer versions of the game, and will not work on other versions. To use this, first open "Fallout 3" on your computer. Load a saved game or start a new game, and once the game has loaded and you have gained control of the character, press the "~" or "tilde" key on your keyboard. This will bring up a screen that lays over the gameplay and allows you to type within it. This is called the console, and it is where any true cheats in "Fallout 3" are activated. To add bobby pins, type "player.additem [item code], [number]" replacing "[item code]" with "0000000A" and "[number]" with whatever number of bobby pins you want.

Unlock All Doors (Computer)

  • As an alternative to using bobby pins, you can use the console to unlock any door, chest or other item in the game. For this cheat, open the console with the "~" key again and type "unlock." This will unlock whatever object you select.

Keep All Existing Pins (Never Break)

  • There is no cheat for systems other than the computer that will add lockpicks, but there are alternatives that will have the same effect. The first of these is the "Never Break a Pin" trick. When lockpicking, your bobby pin will become more likely to snap with each attempt you make on a lock. An easy way to avoid this is to back out of the lockpicking screen after the second failed attempt. This will reset the strength of the pin to 100 and allow you to use it again. Doing this every time you lockpick will guarantee that you never break a single pin, meaning you will never run out of bobby pins.

Use Dogmeat as a Lockpick

  • The second alternative to adding bobby pins is to use Dogmeat as a lockpick, though this method has varying reliability as it is essentially a bug, and it only works on locked objects that contain items (such as chests). Dogmeat is one of the characters who can join your party, though since he is a dog he does not add to the party number. If you have Dogmeat in your party, tell him to follow closely and walk as closely as you can to a locked object, and tell Dogmeat to search for ammo and weapons. If the bug is exploited correctly, he will get the items from the locked object for you.

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