Pine-Sol Alternatives


Pine-Sol is a chemical-based household cleaning product manufactured by Clorox. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Pine-Sol poses an irritation hazard to eyes and skin and is harmful if swallowed. You can reduce the risk that potentially harmful chemical cleansers pose by using natural cleaning alternatives.

Distilled Vinegar

  • Common household white vinegar is an effective cleaning substitute for Pine-Sol. Vinegar is nontoxic and since it is acidic, also dissolves stains on hard surfaces. Also, priced at just a few dollars a gallon, vinegar is less expensive than Pine-Sol.


  • Borax is a naturally occurring crystalline form of boric acid and is commonly used as an abrasive cleanser. A mixture of borax, lemon, natural liquid peppermint soap and water is an effective and pleasant-smelling household cleanser that can be used on hardwood and tile floors.

Baking Soda

  • Pine-Sol is often used as a general cleaner in the bathroom, especially for surface cleaning on a toilet. However, common baking soda can be used as an effective toilet bowl cleaner. A quarter cup of baking soda applied to the interior of the bowl with a scrub brush acts as an abrasive to clean any residual mess. A few sprays of vinegar activates the baking soda to create a cleansing foam to remove any remaining bacteria.

Tea Tree Oil

  • Although more expensive than Pine-Sol, tea tree oil is a natural cleaner of mold and mildew. Simply mix 1 tsp. tea tree oil with one cup water and spray on shower curtains or mildewed carpets to kill any mold spores.

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