Sample Rental Cleaning Checklist


Rental agencies commonly require former tenants to clean their apartments or homes upon vacating the property. The security or cleaning deposit you paid upon moving in is the fund from which any costs for necessary repairs or housekeeping will be deducted. If you leave a clean home behind, you'll get more of your deposit returned. Rental companies often provide their own checklist, but if not, there are some common duties you should perform to leave the house or apartment looking new.


  • Rental agencies may require a professional floor cleaning before you move out. If so, keep the receipt as evidence to your landlord. Otherwise, scrub or vacuum all floors in the house. If your home has built-in blinds or window coverings, clean them thoroughly. Wash any marks off the walls of the home and remove nails or tacks. Wash all glass windows, both inside and out. Clean out the inside of your light fixtures.


  • In the kitchen, clean the outside and inside of the stove. Use stove cleaner or, if available, your self-cleaning oven feature. Clean all countertops, drawers and cabinets. Mop the floor, then clean the sink and any other fixtures. Clean the interior and exterior of the refrigerator and, if the home or apartment has one, the dishwasher.


  • Scrub the bathroom clean. This includes the tub, sink, toilet, all fixtures and any mirrors. Sweep the floor. Mop the floor with a disinfectant.


  • If you, not your landlord, are responsible for your yard or garden, you should weed, tend or mow it by your move-out date. Take any yard decorations, lawn chairs or other outdoor items that belong to you. Sweep any porches, decks and patios.


  • If your home and apartment has a fireplace, you may be required to clean it out or hire a chimney sweep to do it for you. Check your rental agreement.


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