Jelly Bean Games for Kids


Kids love playing games at parties or just on a regular basis with friends or family. Finding new ways to keep games fresh and different can be challenging. Introducing candy into a game can make any child want to play and stay actively interested. A candy that will not get too messy easily is jelly beans and can be used with many existing games.

Counting Contest

  • For any type of party with a large attendance of children, a counting game can be done. Place jelly beans in a large jar, bottle or other clear container while counting them. Put the jar out for everyone to see and have them write their guesses on a piece of paper and place them in a dish. Once everyone has had the opportunity to vote, review them and the person closest to the correct number, wins the jar with the jelly beans inside.

Jelly Bean Bingo

  • Kids enjoy regular bingo, but it can be double fun playing with jelly beans. Use normal bingo cards and hand out jelly beans to each child. As numbers are called that are on their card, they can use a jelly bean to hold their place. Continue calling numbers until someone reaches bingo. Check their numbers and have a small gift as the reward. The best part about this is, everyone is a winner because everyone can then eat the jelly beans they used. Continue this for each round until you run out of jelly beans or prizes.

Board Game

  • Many regular board games have place marker pieces used by each person to move their character forward, for example: Candy Land. Instead of using the normal markers, use a different color jelly bean for each child playing. Play the game as normal and at the end, each player can eat their character. You can even add stipulations such as, when you hit a playing card spot, eat your jelly bean and draw another.

Jelly Bean Poker

  • This game is more appropriate for older adolescents, using the normal rules of poker but using jelly beans instead of money. Different colors can have different values, or all beans can be the same amount. The winner takes the pot and gets to keep all the jelly beans from the center. This can also be used for other card games that have some type of point system. Whatever the total number of points that are won will be awarded in jelly beans.


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